The ArtSTOP trip to Tramway to see the work of the Turner Prize nominees was wonderful- as I hope the photos illustrate.

_IGP6119  _IGP6123 _IGP6128  _IGP6139

The big Turner Prize will be announced on Monday, but ArtSTOP Castlemilk will be having our own mini-Turner prize event on Saturday 12th December and everyone is welcome. Bring along any artwork you’ve made in the last 6 weeks to Castlemilk Community Centre. Let your imagination run riot! Make anything and use anything!
Bring your finished work to the Centre at 10.30am; when we’ll have an exhibition and prize-giving.
We look forward to seeing you then.


ArtSTOP aliens are getting ready to invade the Tuner Prize this weekend!! Meet at the bus-stop outside the library at 10.15am if you want to join us on Saturday 24th Oct.



Hurrah- ArtSTOP is back on tomorrow; Saturday 26th September. All welcome. Castlemilk Community Centre 10.30-12.30. Free.


Sally and Morven are taking part in the North West Glasgow Art Trail next on Saturday 19th September; so there will be no ArtSTOP at Castlemilk that day. Sorry.
Instead you could-
-jump on the 75 bus and come and visit us. Sally will be in Springburn Park and Morven at Lock 27 at Anniesland. More details on

-or you could visit somewhere for Doors Open Day- including the Castlemilk Stables, where there is the fireplace with Joan of Arc aided by Scottish soldiers!

-or do your own art project inspired by artist Bonnie Camplin
Try making your own passport as part of her idea of invented lives.
Who would it be for? What country would they be from, a real one or an imaginary one?
Can you draw your passport picture? Or add a photo of you, as the imaginary person.
You could water mark the pages or add travel stamps (again with drawings or try making potato stamps)
Decorate the cover with the crest of your new land.
Try using recycled paper -even newspaper- for the pages. And recycled card for the cover.
We look forward to seeing you and the results when we’re back on Saturday 26th September.


ArtSTOP has come back to Castlemilk- hurrah! We’re thinking about the Turner prize coming to Glasgow and have been inspired by Turner and Tate (& Lyle) as well as working our way around to all the nominated artists. Here’s some images from our session on Turner, Tate and Lyle and Nicole Wermers.

IMG_0175 sugar cube IMG_0189


_IGP5445 _IGP5435

ArtSTOP finishes this weekend- Saturday 27th June.      Join us for a celebration of our artistic wonderland adventures. We’ll be back again in August- watch this space for more details.

And in case you can’t make it along, here are more images of what we’ve been up to recently; making hedgehogs & flamingos for our own croquet match, becoming packs of cards and contemplating caterpillars and mushrooms.

_IGP5500 _IGP5502 _IGP5507




It’s been a busy few weeks at ArtSTOP. Following Alice, we’ve swirled in pools of tears, watched images come and go like the Cheshire Cat and painted our own china for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, complete with pop-up dormouse. But the big highlight was our very own wonderland trip to GMRC- real magic!



Later in May ArtSTOP will be visiting the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre. Yipee! Looking forward to entering this wonderland, I had to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme for this block. We started off by making white rabbits and photographing tiny model Alices.

_IGP5343 _IGP5346 _IGP5349


ArtSTOP is back at Castlemilk Community Centre this Saturday 25th April 2015. Free and Drop-in from 10.30-12.30. Families welcome.


Clipperton’s Sensory Shores project basked in the wonderful Easter sunshine and was well supported by folk of all ages from near and far. My sessions focused on the shoreline; making salt and paper birds; instant mosaics and tide markers. As we munched choco-bananas we pondered boats on the Clyde, what makes good play-spaces and environmental impacts large and small.

2015-04-09 22.48.01  temporary2

Thanks to Danielle for the images.


ArtSTOP is off for Easter, but there’s plenty of other things happening during the Easter holidays. The Clipperton Project have workshops at Bowling in West Dunbartonshire ( more details at–clyde-canal/events/sensory-shores-with-the-clipperton-project ) and the Castlemilk Community Centre has an Easter Eggstravaganza on Friday 10th from 1pm. Be great to see you there.


Thinking about Spring and all our futures; our Castlemilk nest contained flowers, eggs and future predictions.



Reaching the 1950s and on, the history of Castlemilk contemplated high-rise flats and, of course, the jeely piece song!



PLEASE NOTE: no ArtSTOP on Saturday 14th March. Back again on Saturday 21st March. On the 14th you might like to take a photo or draw a picture of the following: Something yellow/Something hot/Something tiny/Something growing/Something spikey/Something shiny/Something faded

On the 21st we can compare images! Have Fun!


After exploring the activities of the world famous Glasgow weavers, we entered the Victorian age. Castlemilk House was in its heyday with extensive gardens. We adorned the Community Centre garden with some statues of our own.



Who connects family trees, Castlemilk, an exploded house and the Scottish crown? Mary Queen of Scots, of course!

DSC_2112 DSC_2114 image-3 image-1 image

Thanks for the photos, Sam & Tracey!


Our Medieval adventures highlighted the connection between Joan of Arc and Castlemilk. Scottish soldiers, including some from the Stuart family, fought with Joan at the Siege of Orleans. One of the Stuart strongholds was the castle of Castlemilk. Just in case you don’t believe me, the fireplace at Castlemilk Stables illustrates the story, but better still, is one of our ArtSTOP Joans with a wonderful dragon shield.

_IGP5077a castlemilk_fireplace


Castlemilk would have been on the southside of the Roman Antonine wall, so are these peeping faces Romans defending or locals preparing to attack? Hmmm.


More peaceful recreations included jewellery and mosaic making;

_IGP5012 _IGP5070 _IGP5008 42.3


And then people arrived. This week we explored the mystery of the Castlemilk Canoe. This log-boat was built by very early inhabitants of the area, excavated by enthusiastic archaeologists in 1831 and then lost! Happily, it is remembered by ArtSTOP and the installation on Ardencraig Road.

_IGP5000a dsc_1178w


Our modest ambition for this session of ArtSTOP is to cover the entire history of Castlemilk; from the dawn of time to the present day. For Week 1 we started with fire, ice and fossils- quite appropriate given the weather.



See you on Saturday!


ArtSTOP Castlemilk starts again this Saturday, 17th January 2015. 10.30-12.30 at Castlemilk Community Centre. Children with parents, grandparents and carers all welcome. Drop-in. Free.


ArtSTOP in Castlemilk has now finished for Christmas. We hope everyone has a marvellous time and might even try making our edible chocolate Christmas cards! The good news is that we’ll be back on 17th January 2015 & look forward to seeing old friends and new faces then.


Saturday 29th November will be the ArtSTOP outing. If you’ve booked your place on Saturday, that’s great. If you’d still like to come, get in touch before Friday (comment here or see the contact tab above). Last week we  made our first animations- here are some stills.

IMGA0090 IMGA0091 IMGA0093


ArtSTOP is back on this week (Sat. 15th Nov.)  Looking forward to seeing you all there!



Sadly, no ArtSTOP this weekend (Saturday 8th Nov.) but here’s some of what we’ve been up to the last couple of weeks; dancing tables, TV specs and marvelous, mysterious tunnels, which could result in a sticky end for those crossing Willy Wonka!


_IGP4578 _IGP4609 _IGP4576 _IGP4583 _IGP4595

Robots relaxing at home! Thanks for the photo, Ruth!

from ruth


Artist-engineers created wonderful robots and worked hard to keep them under control!


c_IGP4464 (2)  a _IGP4469


Riffing on the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, ArtSTOP has returned to Castlemilk until December. All things mechanical and magical inspired our first week, even including grumpy grandad!

 _IGP4456 _IGP4455


ArtSTOP is coming back! We’ll be at the Castlemilk Community Centre from Saturday 4th October for 10 weeks. All sessions are free and drop-in from 10.30-12.30.  For more details contact the centre on 0141-634-2233.


ArtSTOP is now taking a summer break. Of course this is a busy Glasgow summer with lots of things happening across the city for the Commonwealth Games. This Tuesday (22nd July) the Baton will be at Castlemilk Community Centre! There will be activities from a ceidilh to mosaic building happening throughout the day. Hope to see you there. See for details.


A sunny Saturday was ideal for trying out sun-photos. The whole process was delightful and we certainly didn’t have the summertime blues!!

_IGP4005 _IGP4010 _IGP4008 img190

We were inspired by last year’s Blueprint exhibition, which still has a great webpage;


Look closely and you can see Green Men around Glasgow; on bosses in the Cathedral or carved on the walls of grand city centre buildings. ArtSTOP invited them to join us on the solstice and for some anarchic paint bombing. (For a larger scale paint bomb check out the advert made at Toryglen;

_IGP3963a _IGP3970a _IGP3973a


Whizzing around the universe, visiting new planets in handbuilt rockets, ArtSTOP was inspired by John Fulton’s  fabulous orrery.

_IGP3832a fulton's oraray _IGP3829a


Fairies, imps and elves leapt from Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery’s painting of a fairy raid by Joseph Noel Paton to touch down at Saturday’s ArtSTOP in Castlemilk.

tutti colour

Paton’s painting really demands a close live look, but a sneak preview can be found at


ArtSTOP collided last Saturday with the Castlemilk Family Fun Day; just as well we built a boat! Even if some pirates seized control!

_IGP3701a  _IGP3702a  _IGP3703

Pirates young and old can find inspirational boats and all things that float at;



This insect theme was inspired by collections of “bugs” in Glasgow museums, as well artwork ranging from Dutch still lives to sculptures and drawings by Louise Bourgeois. Link to Glasgow’s Natural History here;



Welcome back to ArtSTOP! It was lovely to see everyone again on Saturday. For the next block, we’ll be using artworks and objects from Glasgow’s museums and galleries as our inspiration, as you can probably tell!



ArtSTOP returns to Castlemilk this Saturday! Contact Castlemilk Community Centre (0141 634 2233) for more details .


Tomorrow is the 10th week of the ArtSTOP pilot, so we’ll be celebrating with a mini exhibition, activities and some surprises! All welcome.


_IGP2688      _IGP2699a

In our ongoing story, the animal family met the Hawk Chiefs. We made kites, but because of rain, they only soared on the walls. Maybe there’ll have been some happy flying since Saturday…..



“This old man Porcupine was very jolly….The children were astonished to see how he came down, digging his long fingernails into the bark of the tree….Oh, an old-time story!….Please tell us the story!”     Jaime de Angulo


Our travellers met grass people; we made animal adventurers and planted seeds.

_IGP2562 _IGP2563 _IGP2564 _IGP2566 _IGP2567


Fox Boy settles into his den.





“It was time to hold the White Deerskin Performance, but the old men of the village were quarreling…….” (Jaime de Angulo). There was no quarreling at Castlemilk ArtSTOP, but we did think about animals, masked-dances  and animal-people:

_IGP1817                  _IGP1805

_IGP1941   _IGP1940  _IGP1939   _IGP1804


Tras, tras, tras; the Castlemilk group grows and travels on. Thinking of the trails we leave behind, we capture our prints;



_IGP1525       _IGP1527  _IGP1530      _IGP1528

“Good night, Mister Owl. I guess this is your home where we are camped. We are good people, we are not looking for trouble, we are just traveling.”

Jaime de Angulo, Indian Tales.



ArtSTOP has arrived at Castlemilk. An enthusiastic team unleashed this dragon for all to see.


A new project will start tomorrow (Saturday 18th Jan.) More details to follow. In the meantime, here’s where I’m taking my Inspiration from;


Jaime de Angulo’s Indian Tales. If you don’t know the book I can’t recommend it highly enough.



2 thoughts on “Community

  1. My daughter Kara loves this wee arts & crafts class on a Saturday morning, especially because she always has something, that she’s made, to bring home and show everyone. Really hope you get the funding to continue it.

  2. My 4yr old boy and 7yr old girl have both loved coming to the artclass. It has really sparked their imagination and creativity. There is always exciting activities and the artists are really great with the kids. I think Artstop is great as they dont always get much art at school.

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