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Sylva Caledonia continues at Summerhall, Edinburgh. On Sunday afternoon (12th April 2015) there will be a discussion with all participating artists. It’d be lovely to see you there.


sylva caledonia


Work with Gerry Loose for Sylva Caledonia, which opens tomorrow (3th April 2015) at Summerhall, Edinburgh.



November; as the temperature drops I delight in a new Aran jumper. To me, second-hand Aran jumpers are heritage pieces of knitting. Originally from Ireland, not Scotland, they have long been made in both places. Indeed one of the jumpers in my modest shared collection was made by Mrs.Murphy from Ireland for my Dad; short in body length, just the right size to be worn with a kilt, showing off the kilt belt buckle.
To celebrate these fabulous works, I’m starting a new project; images of Arans, with a project page to follow.
If you have a favourite Aran or are an Aran-knitter please get in touch.

Something to look forward to….

ArtSTOP will be back at Castlemilk on Saturday 4th October for another 10 week block. Click on the community tab if you want to find out more. Looking forward to seeing you then! 


Say aye tae a pie!

From today until September 18th a new mini-blog/page; Yes-spotting.  See above tab for more.


Sweeney’s Tears. For Gaza.



Seeding the John Muir Way. The walking and planting begins. Follow the journey at;


Final preparations underway for Seeding the Way: walking the John Muir Trail starts tomorrow.

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